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Located in the undulating plains of Glenorchy, Korongee Dementia Village has been uniquely designed to enable residents to live life with dignity, independence and wellbeing.

Inspired by the Hogeweyk dementia village concept pioneered in the Netherlands, Korongee offers a shift away from traditional models of dementia care in Australia.
With 244 people diagnosed with dementia in Australia each day and that number expected to rise in the coming years, Glenview wanted to create an environment that enables residents to live a rewarding life whilst giving them immediate access to help and support when needed.
Looking to work with companies that shared their vision, Glenview felt comfortable working with Crown Furniture due to our core values (Care, Trust, Passion, Ethical, Innovation) and experience in dementia. This experience was called upon through the colour consultation and design process, with the Crown Furniture team working closely with Glenview to bring their unique vision to life.

Designed to reflect dementia design principles whilst maintaining the look and feel of a typical Tasmanian streetscape, the Korongee Dementia Village consists of 12 eight-bedroom homes.

The design of each of these homes has been based on research from the University of Tasmania in partnership with Glenview, where they identified 6 personality types specific to the generation of elderly persons being cared for.

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Each resident is matched to one of 6 personality types, ensuring commonality between residents in each home as they share similar values and ideas in how they live. This unique lifestyle concept, coupled with the village-like atmosphere of Korongee, gives residents the freedom to live life on their terms – allowing them to maintain a sense of normalcy as they stroll from their home to the village café or supermarket or participate in activities with other residents.
The end result is a standout project that will change the way Australians think about dementia care – and the Crown Furniture team is delighted to have played a part in the process.

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