Crown Furniture recognises the importance of aesthetics whilst retaining the specialised requirements of Aged Care and Healthcare furniture supply. Our recommendations take into account the need of maintaining dignity, ambiance, functionality and above all optimum comfort.

Attention to detail of seat height, lumbar support, arm height, seat width and depth and other various factors are fundamental to Crown Furniture on all seating. We understand that residents require a 'home away from home' and in order to achieve this it is paramount that comfort & design provide that perfect balance of familiarity & functionality.

Extra care is taken with the design of our furniture to eliminate any skin tear or form of restraint and to ensure stability and resilience to any form of moisture, heat and soiling.

Dementia & Design

More than 40% of Australian's over the age of 75 suffer from some form of dementia & 1 in every 100 Australians of all ages. With this rapidly increasing rate, Crown underwent a training course with Hammond Care to find interior & outdoor furniture solutions for Aged Care facilities. When an individual's personality, attention span, social skills & physical functioning changes, it is paramount that their environment caters for their changing needs. The team at Crown put on the lenses of dementia to learn why design matters.

Before an Aged Care facility takes the leap into making the final architectual, interior design & furniture or furnishings decision, it is important to consider the following points for your facility in the care of dementia residents;

  • The demographics of your residents: age, gender mix, cultural background, physical size, level of care? i.e.A range of physical sizes will require a range of different sized furniture
  • Number of residents you are accommodating; i.e. achieving the balance of having no more than 15 residents in one room to avoid confusion
  • Colour schemes; i.e. Bright red & green placed together cannot be seen clearly by dementia residents due to its tonal properties
  • Lighting (natural & artificial); i.e. Often double the amount of lighting is required for dementia residents
  • Strong connection between indoors & outdoors; i.e. direct views from inside to the gardens
  • Layout of rooms, corridors & furniture; i.e. Straight corridors promote a prison-like feel
  • Resident privacy & amenities access; i.e. allowance of personal belongings displayed on bookshelves & clear signage & direct paths to amenities
  • Current challenges your staff are facing & how the obstacles can be overcome; i.e. Staff-only access points
  • Domestic verses Clinical verses Hotel styles; i.e. Domestic always wins the day for dementia residents
  • Placement of windows & doors; i.e. Windows are ideal for fresh air allowance and are necessary in most rooms
  • Furniture design; Moisture barrier fabrics, seat height, etc. Ask our sales team for more info

With the variety, choice & flexibility in furniture design at Crown Furniture we can help you create an environment that is dementia-friendly & assists your staff in managing dementia residents. We take into consideration aspects of design that can make or break the effectiveness of care. These include;

  • Colour contrasting
  • Signage
  • Furniture support (correct seat height, seat depth, back height, inclusion of armrests)
  • Promotes comfort & dignity
  • Stability to facilitate resident independence
  • Flexible function & use
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Creates a domestic & familiar ambiance

There's so much more, call 1800 194 194 to find the anwser to your facility.

To achieve dementia specific furniture design, the team at Crown Furniture were involved in a Dementia Design workshop developed by the Dementia Centre, HammondCare. This workshop covered the following areas:

  • Understanding dementia
  • Why design matters
  • Dementia design principles & features
  • Furniture characteristics & dementia design