Crown Furniture is committed to manufacturing environmentally sustainable products under the Environmental Policy ISO 14001 : 2015.

We contribute towards reducing the demands placed on resources and the effect on the environment by selecting quality materials with a long service life. Wherever possible, renewable and recyclable materials are used in all our products.

Crown is dedicated to the principle of sustainable design and development. We believe in minimising the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle both within manufacture and in the use of our products. We believe this is our responsibility towards helping coming generations.

A green manufacturing plan is no longer a choice but an obligation. The global environment is of critical importance to all business, we know you have high expectations, you demand quality, versatility and practicality, the best price, and you want to play a part in keeping the environment green, which is why Crown has a commitment to making sure we manufacture using approved products to meet your concerns and requirements.

Contact our trained consultants for specific advice on how to design and specify your project to maximise its environmental credentials.